[ExI] Brief correction re Western Democracies

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Wed Feb 23 19:02:43 UTC 2011

Damien Sullivan wrote:

>Well, it starts out talking about prophets and dreamers, whom you should
>kill.  Then it moves on to relatives like your brother, "secretly
>enticing" you.  Kill them too.  Don't just reject him, don't conceal him
>with silence, but be the first to stone him.
>And then it moves on to, if you've heard the inhabitants of some city
>have withdrawn to serve other gods, then you should search them out and
>kill them, and destroy the city.

I say again: Nothing in Deut. 13 penalizes apostasy.

>Deut 17 also specifices excution of those who have served other gods,
>without even a hint of them having to have proselytized as well.

Deut. 17 is not Deut. 13.

>But as for simplistically reading passages from a holy book and invoking
>them without context, well, critics of Islam do that all the time.

Tu quoque is not a rebuttal.

Can't you simply concede that you were wrong in writing

<< Deuteronomy 13 specifices execution for apostates from Judaism. >>

and thank me for the correction?

-- David.

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