[ExI] Brief correction re Western Democracies

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...Orthodox Jews will assert that you can't correctly interpret Biblical
passages from just reading the Bible, and on your own...

-- David.

What, you mean as in that passage in Exodus 20?  God wrote ten rules in
stone, including one which forbids adultery.  Yet it includes no actual
definition of the term adultery, nor any definition of marriage before that.
The term written on stone is the first time it shows up in the bible.
Apparently the children of Israel were left to take their best guess at what
this new term meant, and whatever they decided it was, they weren't to do

Apparently having concubines was not adultery, it was fair game, because the
Israelis were doing that both before and after the tablets of stone were
presented by Moses.  If we argue that they were young women captured from a
warring tribe, the very first mention of a concubine doesn't say a word
about any war or battle.  So we would guess that concubines were sort of...
like... sex slaves?  

Kewallllll...  {8^D

It doesn't actually say one must be female.   So, how can I become one?  And
what would I be called?

And so on.  These lines of reasoning are likely exactly why the rabbis
demanded NO BIBLE READING ON YOUR OWN dammit.  If one reads the bible
oneself and knows how to reason, there is no end to these kinds of


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