[ExI] General comment about all this quasi-libertarianism discussion

Richard Loosemore rpwl at lightlink.com
Sat Feb 26 17:43:46 UTC 2011

Since this list is now *saturated* with political speculation (not to 
mention the occasional bit of hyperbolic ranting and liberal use - er 
sorry, I mean ;-) libertarian use - of the term "BS"), I am going to 
take this opportunity to try a smackdown, using a weapon that other 
people LOVE to use against anyone who presents ideas about AGI on this list.

Which is to say:  if you think these libertarian/anarchist proposals are 
so great, WHERE IS THE CODE?

I mean that literally.  Where are your system simulations, which show 
that society will remain stable when, for example, most government 
funded institutions are abolished?  Where are your simulations -- your 
detailed, supercomputer-sized models, containing large numbers of 
realistic constraints -- of how economic systems will be able to 
function normally when the Federal Reserve is abolished and currency is 
replaced by, e.g., Joule-Credits?

As I explained in a previous (widely ignored) post, most people on this 
planet have a pretty good understanding of the fact that these kinds of 
libertarian/anarchist ideas might sound good to some people, in theory, 
but they would actually lead to a degeneration of civilized human 
society.  If people here claim that these ideas would NOT lead to such a 
degeneration, PROVE IT.  The majority of humanity has a strong intuition 
that the consequences would be disastrous, so give us some EVIDENCE that 
our intuitions are mistaken by showing us actual, believable simulations 
of human society.

All I hear at the moment is empty philosophizing and BS :-).

Richard Loosemore

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