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I am also organizing the Singularity Summit AU
<http://summit.singinst.org.au> in Aug 20-21st, but if we send out something
it will be a bit later.  Adam

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Subject: H+ Summit 25-26th of June 2011


The H+ Summit @Melbourne is Coming to Town (25-26th June 2011)! The H+
Summit @ Melbourne <http://www.humanityplus.org.au/conference>  brings
together an eclectic mix
<http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/03/23/program-hplus-melb-2011/>  of
rationalists, futurists, science fiction writers, AI experts, scientists,
biotechnology experts, philosophers and theorists to pursue deep
philosophical, scientific and technological inquiry, with the aim of being
able to discern those changes which are likely to have profound impacts and
those which are merely transient and or fashionable.

Technological innovation permeates all aspects of society - from tiny water
purification packets and 3d printers, to GPS tracking devices, wearable
smart devices, decision support systems, replaceable body parts and personal
genome tests. Because technology and society evolve together, it has become
increasingly important to develop a greater understanding of how technology
is shaping the course of our lives. We are faced with the challenge to
continuously become innovative in harnessing and controlling technological
development as it accelerates on many diverse fronts. The "pioneers of the
future" are faced with the necessity to become ever more resourceful. Even
the most conservative thinkers agree that we have already stepped into an
era of a profound change. The good news is that our human diversity
continues to spawn both inventiveness and novelty.

This conference is brought to you by Humanity+ @ Melbourne (Victoria,
Australia). Humanity+ explores how society might use and profit from a
variety of creative and innovative thought. Join us for this adventurous
journey into the future where you can make a difference! This conference
will challenge and enhance your view of the future.

Seating is limited, so Secure your tickets now!
<http://humanityplus.org.au/register/> >>

The conference will be held at the Melbourne Uni Graduate House
<http://humanityplus.org.au/conference/getting-there-grad-house/> .

www.humanityplus.org.au <http://www.humanityplus.org.au/> 

Partial list of Speakers and subjects:

*	Sean McMullen <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/04/20/sean-mcmullen/>
mcmullen/> "Doing It Now" - (As of writing, a Hugo Nominee for short story)
*	Hugo de Garis <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/03/01/hugo-de-garis/>
- Nanotech, Femtotech - Lots of room at the bottom, | Quantum Topological
Computing - Much More than Moore's Law 
*	Meredith Doig <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/04/20/meredith-doig/>
d-the-technological-singularity-meredith-doig/> "Rationalism, Transhumanism
& the Singuarlity" - (President of the Rationalist Society Australia)
*	Colin Kline <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/05/02/colin-kline/>  -
"Logics - Boonlean (Pascalian) logic, Fuzzy Logic and Bayes" - Academic
*	Greg Adamson <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/03/22/greg-adamson/>
l-greg-adamson/> "Technology and social control
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norbert_Wiener> " - (Chairman of the Society
for Social Implications of Technology IEEE)
*	Binh Nguyen <http://humanityplus.org.au/2010/12/04/binh-nguyen/>  -
"Evolutionary AI" - (PHD)
*	Lev Lafayette <http://humanityplus.org.au/2010/12/02/lev-lafayette/>
mputation-of-moral-reasoning-lev-lafayette/> "More Human Than Human: The
Computation of Moral Reasoning" - Philosopher

*	Slade Beard <http://humanityplus.org.au/2010/11/23/slade-beard/>  -
"Architecting the Future
lade-beard/> " (Complex Systems) - (IEEE)

*	Avatar Polymorph
<http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/01/24/avatar-polymorph/>  -
ls-from-sentience-to-self-aware-consciousness-avatar-polymorph/> "The ethics
of boosting animals from sentience to self-aware consciousness" - Extropian
from way back

*	Tony Smith <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/03/03/tony-smith/>  -
-is-all-over-the-place-tony-smith/> "The Plurality: Why everyting is all
over the place" - (Chaos, Complex Systems)
*	Jon Oxer <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/05/04/jonathan-oxer/>  -
oxer/> "The Maker Revolution"
*	Andy Gelme - "The Internet of Things"
*	Jeremy Nagel <http://humanityplus.org.au/2011/03/11/jeremy-nagel/>
agel/> "Open Source Biotech"

Feel free to pass this on.  See you there!

Kind regards,

Adam A. Ford
Singularity Summit Australia Coordinator
H+ Australia, H+ @ Melbourne Summit Coordinator

Mob: +61 421 979 977 <tel:%2B61%20421%20979%20977>  | Email:
tech101 at gmail.com 

 <http://www.singinst.org.au/> SinginstAU |
<http://summit.singinst.org.au/> Singularity Summit (AU) |
342?v=app_2344061033> Facebook |  <http://twitter.com/singsum_au> Twitter |
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zMAiGcDHG8> Youtube |
<http://singinst.org/media/interviews> Singinst media (US) |
<http://www.humanityplus.org.au/conference> H+ @ Melb Summit (AU)

"The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level
of thinking we were at when we created them" - Albert Einstein
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