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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Tue Jun 7 13:32:11 UTC 2011

Technoprog! 2011

Technoprog! confrence takes place at the Research House (Maison de la
Recherche) at the L'Universite Paris IV - Sorbonne, on Thursday, June 16,
2011 (9:00 - 18:00). 

Topic: The artistic scene has considerably changed due to the possibilities
allowed by new technology: transmedia art, bioart, hacklab. Art has somehow
become a "transhumanist laboratory" where the artistic act itself has yet to
be defined. The first part of the conference will discuss those changes and
the new forms of art in the beginning of the 21th century. Due to recent
medical progress (stem cells, regeneration, nano & biotechnologies, advances
in AI). Humankind now foresees a significant extension of its lifetime. It
becomes necessary to tackle interrogations about the limits that can be
reached on the short, middle and long terms. The consequences of such a
change came to be a major concern for both demographers, sociologists,
economists and psychologists. Is Human enhancement considered immoral today?
Which ethics for the transhuman? Those questions, and others, will be
discussed in the second part of the conference.

  <http://www.transhumanistes.com/> http://www.transhumanistes.com/ 
Featuring the following speakers:

*	 <http://transhumanistes.com/conference2.php#NatashaVitaMore>
Natasha Vita-More : Transhumanism and the Art of Life Expansion 

*	 <http://transhumanistes.com/conference2.php#IngridBrunazzi> Ingrid
Brunazzi : L'ineffabile mano sinistra 

*	 <http://transhumanistes.com/conference2.php#AubreydeGrey> Aubrey de
Grey : Prospects for defeating aging altogether 

*	 <http://transhumanistes.com/conference2.php#AlbertoMasala> Alberto
Masala : Sagesse antique et prolongement de la vie 

*	 <http://transhumanistes.com/conference2.php#OlivierGoulet> Olivier
Goulet : Corps.ext 

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