[ExI] What would be the ultimate paranormal research technology?

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 09:32:47 UTC 2011

I just saw the film "Shutter," which got me to wondering, if there is an
afterlife/ghosts, what would be the ultimate camera technology (perhaps
still only existing in theory and needing to be developed) to capture their
images?  And what would be other crucial techs that might be
researched/refined in the effort to find evidence of these paranormal

If you had a multi-billion budget for this matter, how would you focus your
research?  I must admit that I would have so much fun being a
mega-billionaire!  I would spend about ten billion on space travel &
industrialization, five billion on anti-aging research, and another five
billion on designing the ultimate in ghost detection equipment!  I would be
the next Robert Bigelow...

Oh, and I would establish the "Damien Broderick Academy for Psychic
Research," "the Anders Sandberg Many Anders Think Tank," "the Natasha
Vita-More Department of Transhuman Aesthetics," and the "Spike Jones
Institute of Scientific Tomfoolery!"

John  : )
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