[ExI] Unsustainable was Re: Solar power makes UK people poorer

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 14:26:50 UTC 2011

2011/6/11 Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com>:
> Rafal, it is as simple as--one day, you wake up in a cell.  Now you are not
> an individual.   You are a tiny fraction of a oneness, and as much as you
> might deny it you are subject to its processes, and the inflow and outflow
> of everything on your life is dictated by the complicated states of every
> other part in the cell.
> Now: you have woken up, and you have got to realize that there is a human
> responsibility to maintain the Earth organism and prevent catastrophic
> cascades of cellular damage...

At first I thought you were suggesting prison for eco-unfriendlies in
the hive-mind of humanity.

Sometimes transhuman conversation blurs the line between literal and
figurative speech.  :)

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