[ExI] Natasha's Response re: Libertarianism, Extropiansim & Transhumanism

Kevin Haskell kgh1kgh2 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 22:34:29 UTC 2011

Thanks, Natasha.  Regarding your reply, I needed to to re-orient myself and
just check out the differences between what you were expressing, and what I
understood Extropy to be as I remembered it, and did it the old fashioned
way: Google.

So, it looks like some fine lines have been drawn in the past few years that
helped me understand the difference.  From your own perspective, and correct
me if I am wrong, you wish to leave out any externalities which may affect
the achievement of developing H+ technologies, such as politics, and just
focus on the the actual technologies themselves, and the benefits you would
like to see them bring.

Secondly, Extropianism, (as related to but different from Extropism, which
was another new one for me,)  as as an idea seems to favor the positive
future scenarios as expressed by Ray Kurzweil (who I take it you agree
with,) not really agreeing with Ben Goertel that H+ tech could just as
easily lead us into either good or bad future, and we just don't know, and
steadfastly separating yourselves from the dystopian future scenarios of
Hugo de Garis.

In short, Extropianism has clarified that it expects, with effort, of
course, a good outcome from H+ tech for both humans and machines, and isn't
different from Transhumanism, but rather, an optimistic branch that might
best be described by Kevin Warwick's "Cyborginist" concepts.

Would it be fair to say Natasha, that since you do not like the idea of the
Singularity, that this is the one main area that you are in disagreement
with the Extropian ideals?

Thanks again for sharing your particular thoughts on that, and for inspiring
me to do my due diligence to get better clarification on general Extropian
philosphy (and thanks to Max More.)


>For me, I am not a libertarian, an anarchist or a singulartarian.  I
am transhumanist and I support Extropy above all else.  I don't like
Extropy tethered to other stuff that is not expressly focused on life
expansion and well being.


Quoting Kevin Haskell <kgh1kgh2 at gmail.com>:

> First post here, and look forward to more.  For now, I just wanted to drop
> quick note for any in here on FB who consider themselves libertarian,
> anarchist, or generally small government types interested in H+ and AGI.
> The site can be found at : singulibertarians at groups.facebook.com
> If interested, just let me know, and I will bring you into the page.
> Also, I used to call myself "Extropian," went away from discussions for
> awhile, and when I got back into them, everyone was now called
> "Transhumanist."  Don't know why the terminology changed, but I just found
> it odd. Any ideas as to why that happened? Not a big deal, just curious.
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