[ExI] Geert Wilders acquitted

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On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 7:21 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> Wilders has testicular fortitude.  He is the European Keith Henson.

>...You sure he's not the EU John Clark?  :)

{8^D   We think highly of John Clark, but what I meant was, well read on:

>...I remember a many-email diatribe against being blocked to speak
critically because PC-speech disallows anyone having their feelings hurt...

Un-PC and feeling hurt is actually a related but parallel subject.  Keith
Henson and Geert Wilders both went on trial for what amounts to blasphemy.
Now that Wilders has been found innocent, Keith might become the very last
person in the history of western civilization to actually serve a prison
term for blasphemy.  I do recognize there are vast swaths of territory on
this benighted planet in which blasphemy is still(!) punishable by death,
but this is the enlightened west, and AMERICA no less, the land of the free
and the brave, the birthplace of constitutionally guaranteed freedom of
speech and religion, where a man was prosecuted in the 21st century, for
"interfering with a religion" or more succinctly, blasphemy.

Good luck and nothing-speed Geert Wilders, and Keith, may you live a
thousand years, then discover the breakthrough that allows you to live until
the heat death of the universe overwhelms all our best efforts in entropy.


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