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>.Great thread!  Hopefully the game companies are on the ball enough to
continue on this path and use the current stuff as a base for better and
better VR, then we can all see the awesome cyber-world we all desire a la
snow crash or whatnot.




The critically important thing here is that a new and (to me) unexpected
thing happened.  A remarkably competent very cheap three axis accelerometer
hit the market while I wasn't even looking (too busy raising a toddler.)  So
here I am, a guy who used accelerometers professionally for years and years,
and even wished I owned some of them, but they were typically several
thousand dollars each, but how cool would it be to have some for various


Suddenly and unexpectedly, a somewhat scaled down lowish bandwidth version
of a three axis accelerometer with (apparently) imbedded firmware double
integrators, hit the market, selling for about 40 bucks!  And I, a controls
engineer, DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE until five years later.






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