[ExI] AI Motivation revisited

Richard Loosemore rloosemore at susaro.com
Wed Jun 29 18:52:43 UTC 2011

Eugen Leitl wrote:
> It currently takes a Blue Gene to (poorly) model a very crude model
> of a cortical column. Not exactly in realtime.
Ack!  :-)  You continue to flatly misunderstand.  Blue Gene does not 
simulate the functionality of a cortical column, because that 
functionality is not known at the present time.  It tries to simulate 
the functionality at around the neuron/synapse level.

>> an AGI could very well be built using something within an order of  
>> magnitude of a current PC.
> Can I see a realtime model of your cortical column on a PC? 

No!  But only because it is proprietary.  And I think this request was 
based on the same misunderstanding I just explained, so if you saw the 
model you would not know it for what it was.   You seem to think that 
you would get from me a model at the neural level.  That is not the 
case, because I am modeling (what I believe to be) the functionality.  
Big difference.

>> I don't think anyone pays sufficient atention to this little issue.   
>> Does anyone reading this post truly realize that the implication is that  
>> if cortical columns are the relevant functional level, and if someone  
>> figured out what the functionality is, that means someone could build an  
>> AGI that would fit in (probably) a single server rack, and do so by the  
>> end of the year...? 
> You will not fit a human hardware equivalent in a rack by end of
> this year. Or in ten years.
What is the point arguing?  You are not getting the point I am trying to 
make, no matter how hard I try.

Richard Loosemore

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