[ExI] The twists & turns of politics & idealism (was: The End of the Future)

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2011/10/5 spike <spike66 at att.net>


Good idea.  Note the difference between a tea party rally and Occupy Wall
Street.  I read the signs for Occupy and I am completely flummoxed.  I don't
know what they want.  Do you?  ..

>Hey Spike - Yeah, I agree entirely. I do sympathise greatly with the Occupy
protestors, but I don't believe that their protests will change anything
significant.The other thing I should point out is that I'm not
anti-Capitalist, per se. As it said in the leaflet, I 'merely' advocate a
society in which capitalism has a healthy role and level of influence within
society, but is not allowed disproportionate control. Capitalism (or the
banking system, more specifically) should not be the be-all and end-all of
society, in my opinion. - A



Ja, but more specifically, what is it that is being promoted with Occupy?
That is what I still don't get.  


About 15 yrs ago, there were a number of anti-capitalism rallies in San
Jose, not big ones, but they were getting attention.  They had the same
problem then: down with capitalism, so up with. what?  A number of us
decided to counter-protest, so we all got out there and carried Up With
Capitalism signs.  It was a hoot, really a lot of fun.  Several of us showed
up in our business clothes, so there we were out there in wool suit and tie,
carrying signs supporting the status quo.


I don't really see the Occupy folks specifically promoting anything.  If
they want to imprison the top 1% and seize their wealth, suddenly there is a
new top 1%.  Do they suggest seizing them too?  And then what about the next
new 1%?  Rinse and repeat? 



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