[ExI] deathless meat

G. Livick glivick at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 2 14:37:02 UTC 2011

On 9/2/2011 1:30 AM, Ben Zaiboc wrote:
>> spike<spike66 at att.net>  wrote:
>>>> .We have a conveyor or something to bring food and
>> water to the bovine,
>> another to haul away the remains, the beast
>> pumps stem cells in the blood to the meat factory. spike
> I think there's a misconception about the technology here.
> A steady supply of stem cells is not needed.  Stem cells are used to derive the muscle (and other) cells that form the meat.  You just need to extract a sample of stem cells, culture them (and I believe we can keep a culture going indefinitely, or should be able to soon. After all, Henrietta Lacks is immortal, in a sense), and take a proportion into meat production.
> Theoretically, only one batch of stem cells from an animal would provide all the meat of that particular type you'd need, forever.  In practice, it may require periodic refreshes of stem cells, but nothing like a continuous supply from any one animal.
> Ben Zaiboc

Correct, stem cells isolated from just a few animals would meet meat 
needs indefinitely (more than one animal needed just for marketing 
purposes).  I also doubt that stem cells in culture ever "wear out."

This technology will save the lives of a lot of steers.  In fact, it 
should prevent steers.  Steers should be outlawed; shot on sight.  
Without nuts, they are too docile, sort of wander around, moo 
ineffectively from time to time, eat tons of grass, and shit all over 
everything.  And the price of veal should come WAY down.

I wonder if the simu-meat will be formed into simu-steaks, or show up as 
a kind of meat gruel.....  I also wonder if vegans will eat the stuff; 
not all vegans avoid animal products because animals are killed, or in 
some way inconvenienced, in the production process.  I know, for 
example, if I was a vegan, it would be because I'd read something in the 
"National Inquirer" about how may pounds of undigested meat was crammed 
into my colon -- the very idea of eating Farmer John Beef Gruel Surprise 
would cause me to vomit my celery and rice pudding.  I mean, this kind 
of proposed lunacy caused a bunch of people aboard the Valley Forge 
their lives in "Silent Running," although, happily, a couple of 
maintenance drones survived.


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