[ExI] wet dreams, was openness on the internet.

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Wed Sep 7 17:14:26 UTC 2011

On Tue, 6 Sep 2011, Jeff Davis wrote:

> As to Gene's warnings and suspicious attitude, frankly, after 62 years
> on the planet, I judge the warnings to be too late.  It's already
> "game over".  The Capra-like narrative of American wonderfulness is
> tattered to transparency, and the basis of the delusion -- America the
> massively wealthy -- is going, going, gone already.  Wealth, whereever
> located, has owned your ass since agriculture was invented.  In modern
> times the US has owned everyone's ass as the capo de tutti capi,
> since its rise after ww2.

Ok, so the "game is over" (well, maybe it is). And you made your 
statements and remain free, will go to your bed and "they" won't wake you 
up before morning. And you will not disappear.

Let's not forget about this, shall we.

What may sound like totalitarian from your side, is rather innocent in my 
eyes. At least right now (even thou, yes, I am a bit baffled by it).

>From what I have heard, totalitarian is, when three men meet and one of 
them is a police informer.

> So the bad news is that the West is soon to be even more
> comprehensively under the control of Big Brother, but the good news is
> that this condition is "end stage", presaging its imminent collapse,
> just like the Soviets, due to the attendant expense and inefficiency.

If so, then China is "gamed over" already:


In your free time, you can search for stories about internet censorship, 
treating opposition members as organ donors, people burning themselves on 
the streets in protest (judging by their number, somewhere between Myanmar 
and USA, AFAIK) and other such stuff.

Chinese people are trying to go around their own government. This doesn't 
show me that this government is somehow better than whatever I know.

> In short, technology and commerce are the key to success.  Commitment
> to these two brings sovereign -- and personal -- success.  Then
> follows the misstep: pride, arrogance, and falling victim to the
> imperial impulse, bringing it all down.
> Because one's personal fortunes are often linked to the fortunes of
> the sovereign, it's  best to be circumspect about national loyalty.
> Have your full-featured "alternative watercraft" ready well before the
> ship of state torpedoes itself.  Be out of there before nationalism
> leads to treading water in the shark tank.
> Best, Jeff Davis

While Chinese are not Soviets, I expect them to serve their own interests 
at expense of anybody who happens to believe in their good will. And when 
you fall into their grip, expect being treated no better than a Chinese.

If you happen to be of the same kind that believed in communist idylla 
under Stalin's enlightened direction (at the time when millions starved to 
death), you might be a little surprised. The only idylla is in people's 

Tomasz Rola

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