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Wed Sep 14 14:33:39 UTC 2011

2011/9/14 Dave Sill <sparge at gmail.com>

> 2011/9/14 Amon Zero <amon at doctrinezero.com>
>> In other words, rationality is not the sole measure of utility or meaning.
> No, but as a general rule, I think it's a good start. And I think
> irrationality ought to be avoided whenever possible--there's already plenty
> to go around.

I certainly wouldn't argue with that!

The thing that winds me up personally (and not saying you did this) is when
people conflate rationality and a deliberately linear, colourless worldview.
It is of course possible to be both rational and enjoy life in its
multi-coloured weirdness at the same time, hence my stab at something that
might be an approach toward answering Spike's question. We've all seen
overtly rationalist pseudo-prayers which are usually quite bland and
thoroughly un-inspiring, and I've often wondered what could be done with a
little more creativity thrown into the mix.

That said, one thing I particularly like about your comment Dave (that "a
pledge to support some idea or endeavour" would be better than an empty
'prayer') is that it has an emphasis on action. That's certainly something I
can thoroughly get behind!

- A
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