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> I am against this problem a lot.  I am in a motorcycle internet group.
> Sunday one of our best guys had a pickup truck turn left in front of him,
> hit the grill at about 60 mph.  So far he’s lost a leg, a kidney, a spleen,
> broken both arms, plenty of other internal injuries including bleeding
> inside his brain, but he is still breathing.  His daughter set up a website,
> in which scores of people have posted well-wishes.  Of course most of them
> say they are praying for him.  This I flatly refuse to do.  I am fairly good
> with language, and I am very fluent in the language and thought patterns of
> the believers, but there just isn’t a very good way to write around the
> central issue of prayer.  In those circumstances, any atheist-generated note
> of encouragement is conspicuous.
> ** **
> Someone somewhere must have solved this problem, for it must be common.

"I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts. If there's anything I can
do to help: cooking, chores, bedside vigil, etc., please don't hesitate to

Sure, it's obvious you're an atheist, but so what? It's nothing to be
ashamed of.

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