[ExI] A Nobel laureate and climate change

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If the same region has colder than normal weather, would you say that refutes global warming or perhaps supports global cooling? Not taking a stand here, but I think one needs a more elaborate model to link these things together and therein lies the rub.
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On 2011/9/15 Dennis May wrote:
> A good reason not to be a member of the APS.  Come out with a socialist
> political statement - once people balk and it becomes clear the first statement
> couldn't be supported - instead of a retraction come out with a clarification
> statement that makes it clear the science is extremely far from settled and is
> even more so since this last statement.
> APS - Amerian Political Science

Well, the southern USA states have had their worst wildfire season
ever and Texas is still burning.
I guess the message will get through eventually.

But I suppose that's just a little local fluctuation in temperature?

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