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.  Houses like that one in Spaceport USA are being practically given away.


I am not exaggerating:







Here's a really good example that I know personally.  Some old friends used
to live here:




This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of property, 8700 sf house on 4 acres
with a wall around it, six car garage, enclosed pool, loooots of cool stuff
in that house, lots of cool stuff outside, plenty of room for a monster
library, on a lake, really a nice place to live out there.  It was once a
showcase house for a guy who ran a multi-level marketing company, so his job
was to appear to have way more money than he really had, so as to attract
envious people to work for him.  It worked: he was really good at acting
like he had way more money than he really had, right up to the day he had


The current owners are asking 900k for it, but I bet you could snag it for


I have half a mind to buy that place and convert it into an insane asylum
for about a dozen rich crazies.



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