[ExI] Request for help with malware "mystery"

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 20:33:29 UTC 2011

I'm in need of some computer-savvy assistance.

Some time back I ran across this web page (don't go there just yet):


It shows a Shockwave player animation of the shifting borders in the
mideast from 3000 BCE through 2006 CE.

But I hadn't bookmarked the page on this -- my desktop -- computer, so
to view it again today I had to track it down.  When I Googled it, and
found it, this is what I saw:

Imperial History of the Middle East - Maps of War
This site may harm your computer.
Maps-of-War is a multimedia site dedicated to producing diverse,
creative visuals that enhance our understanding of war and its

Note the line:  "This site may harm your computer."

Well, that warning, understandably, gave me pause.  But I was
suspicious.  I'd been to the site many times before.  Never had any
trouble, leastwise none that made itself known to me or my anti-virus
software.  Call me paranoid, but I thought maybe someone wanted to
discourage traffic to the site.  Maybe someone had hacked the site and
planted malware, which was then picked up by malware scanners, or
maybe someone has filed a false "malware on this site" report.

I went to the site despite the warning.  Subsequently I ran a full
scan with my Malwarebytes AV software.  Nothing.  Clean.  (At least
according to Malwarebytes.)

[If you Google: site:mapsofwar.com, you get the full list of 51
sublinks, each containing the warning: "This site may harm your

I Googled around -- Google malware warnings, firefox malware warnings,
false malware warnings -- but couldn't find anything to verify the
basis of the warning, or find any info regarding the putative malware.

I sent a message to the website owners asking for clarification, but
that was only minutes ago and I haven't yet received word back.

Can anyone here shed some light on this?

Best, Jeff Davis

 "Men occasionally stumble over the truth,
 but most pick themselves up and hurry off
 as if nothing had happened."
              Winston Churchill

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