[ExI] Unions

Dennis May dennislmay at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 18 23:22:18 UTC 2011

Unions can represent one more form of uncertainty when
making economic calculations.  In some companies and
industries unions reduce uncertainty because the company
now has one face to deal with instead of a large number
of individuals.  This advantage generally exists in lower 
pay jobs in high turn over locations and industries.  If an
employee doesn't get satisfaction it falls on the union.
For the majority of industries the uncertainty created by
unions raises the cost of operation and is sometimes 
enough to drive them out of the state or out of certain 
There are a number of unpleasant facts and sometimes 
risk in dealing with unions.  Violence, property destruction,
work disruptions, organized crime, political interference,
political payoffs to Democrats, and collaboration with
seedy groups.
If I were to locate a new company I would only
consider right to work states.
Dennis May
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