[ExI] Automated black-box-based system design of unsupervised hyperintelligent learning systems

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Mon Sep 19 18:35:18 UTC 2011

Dan wrote:

>The current method of making children is more akin to turning the 
>key on a car to make it go than building a car, don't you think? I 
>mean, in my analogy, starting a car is not like being a car maker or 
>even a mechanic. One doesn't need to know much about how to make one 
>-- much less how to make a better one. The latter is a telling 
>point: parents who produce smarter children don't necessarily know 
>how it's done and the same method -- having sex -- can also produce 
>children of the same or less smarts, no?

But we don't have to understand how something works to make
use of it. If I want a cadre of children smarter than myself, have lots,
and cull the ones that don't meet my standards. The fact that less
conscious effort is required to build a baby than to build a car
doesn't alter my point.

Mike had written "You might be able to evolve something that gets
smarter." I'd be evolving if I continued the process across multiple
generations, but just skimming off the smartest isn't evolution.

-- David.

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