[ExI] How water bottles create cheap lighting in Philippines

Dennis May dennislmay at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 14:51:47 UTC 2011

Kelly Anderson wrote:
"One of the major problems in the third world 
is that people come from the first world with 
first world solutions connected to first world
money. They need to learn to think in third 
world terms first, and then bring the money to 
bear in a third world way. That's why we need
to Wikify third world solutions. Allow the third 
world to solve their own problems from the 
bottom up, and only then add money."
It is my view that first world people should
concentrate on things they can impact which
would allow long term consequences for
improving people's lives.  Many improverished
people will remain that way generation after
generation because of a lack of property rights.
Spend your 1st world resources helping such
people with property rights and a legal system
to enforce property rights.
I am one generation removed from what could
be viewed as 3rd world conditions here in
rural Missouri.  I know a little something about
tin roof buildings since I have a garage built
of recycled material just like that seen in the
video starting this thread.  I had/have close 
relatives who lived in such buildings - very 
common 1-2 generations ago and can still
be seen in some places in rural Alabama and 
Arkansas.  Ruining the resale value of tin in
your roof by by placing holes in it is a tradeoff
some may have not considered while being
convinced of the value of lighting.  The solution
may work for some people but you can bet
a few young kids got their asses whipped after
dad came home and there were holes in his tin.
Dennis May
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