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spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Sep 27 17:39:00 UTC 2011

It has been almost seven months since Robert Bradbury suddenly passed away.
We miss him like he left us yesterday.


I am preparing a technical paper on MBrains for presentation the first week
of November.  Had Robert been here, he would be delighted at what I
discovered this weekend, or think I discovered, while on a camping trip far
from the internet and my old textbooks, having to rely on pencil and paper
calculations.  I need some math and thermodynamics hipsters to check my
work, as independently as possible.


Here's the discovery.  As far back as ten years ago, I was fooling with
MBrain orbit calculations and discovered that an MBrain can move an entire
star.  This past weekend, I was using the same equations I derived back then
and discovered the original comment was an understatement.  Not only can an
MBrain move a star, it must move a star.  Above a certain total area covered
by MBrain MNeurons, if the MBrain does not exhaust a certain percentage of
the star's light on the first reflection, the swarm cannot reach thermal
equilibrium and maintain temperatures within the solid phase range of known


I can't find the error in my calcs.  Thermodynamics and physics hipsters,
have I given you enough information?  I need you to derive equations
independently for a check of my work.



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