[ExI] Problem with time travel WAS Faster than light??

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>Jeff Davis wrote:
>> "Continuous change" is macroscopic and classical and that is certainly
>> not what I looking at here. I'm concerned with iterative progression
>> (ie change) at whatever is the finest-grained scale. 
>As I said in a previous post the concept of a "finest-grained scale"
>for time has been observationally discredited.  I understand you
>want to support a discrete or discontinuous view of time but I see
>no reason why it should be given a claim to superiority when it
>is observationally not the case.

Actually I have done some calculations and there is indeed a "finest-grained scale" for vacuum. A photon that has a frequency greater than or equal to 5.223 * 10^42 Hz has a wavelength less than its own schwarzchild radius. Therefore it will form a black hole causally separating itself from the universe. What you fail to  understand about space-time is that it is not necessarily quantized iself but the manner in which it interacts with matter is quantitized because matter itself is quantitized. Think atoms and other particles. Incidently the maximum frequency limit on photons also limits the optical symbol rate through vacuum to about 10^43 baud. Therefore John Clark's infinite thoughts in finite time scheme won't work unless the practitioner doesn't mind becoming a black hole.
Stuart LaForge

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