[ExI] Problem with time travel WAS Faster than light??

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Thu Sep 29 14:19:48 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Problem with time travel WAS Faster than light??

>...Actually I have done some calculations and there is indeed a
"finest-grained scale" for vacuum. A photon that has a frequency greater
than or equal to 5.223 * 10^42 Hz has a wavelength less than its
own schwarzchild radius. ...Stuart LaForge

Avant, you know I love ya like a brother pal, but I think this is seriously
wrong.  To get to that number, you need to work backwards from the photon's
momentum to get an equivalent mass for a photon.  It's a fun mind expanding
experience granted.  I did that calculation in college so tragically many
years ago (which is why I recognized the number.)  For a few heady hours,
thought I had discovered how to unify gravity with QM.  But it didn't work
out for me.  {8-]  

Gravity and QM are so difficult to unify, it is almost like they are
intentionally fighting each other.


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