[ExI] Billions of Interstellar Planets

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Fri Sep 30 14:11:01 UTC 2011

Dennis wrote:

>The next time some so called expert claims the stars
>are too far apart for interstellar travel to ever be
>practical - ignore that mindset.  It would be like
>saying the Midwest will never be settled because
>there are no five star hotels between New York City
>and San Francisco.

Since I learned about the Oort cloud as a kid in the Sixties, I have
thought it quite possible that the outer perimeter of ours is close
enough to the outer perimeter of the Centauri triple system that we
could just expand our way rock-by-rock.

It would be very cool if we found out that the rest of the galaxy was
similar. That is, that there is little or no interstellar space. (I count
a solar system as extending to its Oort cloud.)

-- David.

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