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Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Sat Apr 28 18:21:06 UTC 2012

On Sat, 21 Apr 2012, Alan Grimes wrote:

> Brent Allsop wrote:
> > (which, by the way would
> > solve all world problems, including aging, disease, expensive, risky,
> > space travel... making these early space efforts still a complete moral
> > waist of time leading to the damnation of how many more people
> > unnecessarily rotting in the grave?)
> I completely disagree on all points.

Right. I think too many people idealise conflict as something belonging to 
the world of idea, while in fact it is (I suspect) always rooted in the 
world of matter. Therefore we can talk ourselves dead but on the morning 
will grab the flint and go hunting our disputants. Or else we will be 

However, even those who pretend to not understand a conflict will switch 
to their instincts when situation calls for it. Later forget about it all. 
Idealise something again.

Now, that's the source of the problem. Idealism not talking about what 
lives in a basement.

It is both tragic and fancy. Many such idealists spend their days babbling 
about memes and genes, and how we are just vehicles for them. Then, 
magically, they switch to talk how to solve world's problems like if they 
were caused by just some error in translation.

About uploading: I smell a swindle. I would have big difficulty convincing 
myself that I should give up myself and become, basically, a process in a 
computer. Unless I will be able to control the computer. And I don't think 
I will give away my physical properties, however small, in exchange for
living in a machine owned by some caring corporation.

Other than that, i.e. no corporations, no resigning, no expecting secular 
heavens, expecting some hell in a machine, no giving up control and 
wanting no swindles, I am very enthusiastic to uploading. But I guess my 
expectations drive the level too high to be realised by homo 

BTW, I am always ten times more enthusiastic to idea of downloading. A 
computer can be smashed by a troglodite (or pissed on by him).

> My reason for this mistrust is that when I express my point of view I
> don't get in reply "oh, that's interesting, my point of view is
> different" but rather "You're wrong and your philosophy is bad."
> Furthermore I have consistently opposed taking steps that would unleash
> a process that would render the universe incompatible with all known
> forms of DNA based life. The uploaders don't seem to recognize that as a
> priority at all.

Is there a place where prospective opponent could have a read about your 
philosophy? Like, I would really like to berate it but I tend to not 
criticize things that I have no idea about. So I cannot. It is very 
stressing situation, you know. I'd like to do something about it.

Tomasz Rola

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