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Tue Feb 7 13:17:47 UTC 2012

Stuart, the phrase "throwing pearls before swine" came to mind as I read
your effort at creative writing.  Or perhaps "swine playing with pearls"
would be more accurate.  : )  If the story of Jesus is true in terms of him
being an authentic historical/mere mortal figure, or especially some sort
of real supernatural being, I certainly wish there were strong evidence for
it.  My very devout friends would say prayer and fasting, and a
manifestation from the Holy Spirit, is the way to get an answer to these
questions.  But I admit to wanting angelic messengers showing up in my
bedroom, in the middle of the day when I am wide awake.   It would probably
be even better if they showed up in the middle of a transhumanist
conference, but then they might be viewed as visiting extraterrestrials who
were only posing as angels!

After her husband Stan died of cancer, Anne Rice decided to change
direction and write a book series about the life of Christ.  She spent an
extended period of time reading everything she could on the subject of
Jesus.  Rice read books critical of the idea of him having even been just a
historical figure, and then she next focused on tomes that supported the
idea of him having been an actual man, or even divine.  She says at the
beginning, she expected the arguments against him to be far stronger, but
in the end she claims the opposite was actually true.  I realize Anne
Rice is not an academic, but I suspect her research skills are very good.
This is definitely worth reading...


She later had a falling out with institutional Christianity, but not her
belief in Jesus...


I thought you were taking your story in the direction of the
classic Mormon-created comic strip, that showed two time travelers
appearing to a young and confused Joseph Smith, who mistakes them for God
the Father and Jesus!  But it turns out the two figures are grad students
from the far future who are playing a prank!  If you want to learn
more about the Mormon subculture, buy a couple of Pat Bagley's
award-winning collections...


What is your source for knowledge about Mormonism?  Were you raised in the
Church?  Or did you have friends who were members?  I'm just curious.

I used to think a Mormon would not be in the Oval Office within my
lifetime, but it looks like I may soon be proven wrong.  I do think Donny
Osmond or Steve Young might have been better choices over the current
option... lol

I look forward to the day when historians and archaeologists have access to
time scanners, both so we can settle these arguments, and to have some
really kick-ass historical documentaries.  But that won't be for awhile...

John  : )
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