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>> The story mentions the A. borealis was found in bees in every county in
the SF bay area except Santa Clara and San Mateo counties...


>...That's very interesting. I hope Isaac can appreciate the post-mortem


Part of having it made is knowing when you have it made.  My son has no idea
how lucky he is, not the vaguest clue.


>...  :)  It would have been nice if a grownup had taken time to do things
like that with me...


As with most of us.  We achieved a fraction of our potential, because so
much of our time growing up was spent being babysat by the television.  The
content had approximately zero socially redeeming qualities back in those


>...We have had unseasonably warm weather here, and some spring flowers are


This is the warmest winter here I remember in 23 years.  The global warming
people may come through for us after all.  If so, I take back every snarky
comment.  This has been a gorgeous winter.  I hear it has been cold in


>... So far this season I've seen *one* honeybee and several tiny native


Those tiny native bees are probably Nomia melanderi, if you are west of the
Rockies in the US.


 <http://www.ebeehoney.com/Pollination.html> Description:


This one is a digger, smaller than the familiar honeybee.




>.The honeybee seemed confused by the flowers and did not appear to actually
go into a bloom while I was watching, but circled and hovered and circled
some more. :( The natives unhesitatngly went in there to do their thing. :)
Regards,  MB


Cool observation MB!  I will mention it in my bee forum and reference you if
you don't object.




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