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Wed Feb 8 19:13:34 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of Ben Zaiboc

>...It's no paradox that eating fatty food doesn't make you fat, and doesn't
give you heart disease.  You don't have to be French to prove it.  You just
have to stop being scared of dietary fat.  And stop taking notice of the
USDA.  I don't think it's a stretch to say that they have actually caused
the obesity epidemic.  Ben Zaiboc

Ben I think you are right.  I come at this not from understanding diet
theory, but rather from having stumbled onto an observation accidentally. 

Story: My bride and I hiked on the west side of Mount Rainier thrice on a
stretch that requires three camping nights.  First trip, carried too much
food, so our packs were too heavy.  Second trip, same trail, carried not
quite enough, so we devoured the last crumb of our reserves the last day:
dangerous.  Third trip, summer 2003, we scored some back country permits,
which lengthened the trip to four camping nights and increased the distance
about 15 miles.  We needed to lighten our packs, so we went with all freeze
dried foods, which are zero fat.  So for five days, we were burning calories
like crazy, with sufficient calories but insufficient fat (insufficient as
in zero.)

On the last day of that trip only about 5 miles from the end of the trail,
we came to a bunch of trees that had blown down across the path, creating an
obstacle that ended up taking a couple hours to climb through.  We had
sufficient food reserves to camp a fifth night and hike out the next day,
which would have been the safer way to go probably, but our craving for fat
drove me to decide to clamber over the piles of trees (dangerous to do while
tired) and hike out that evening.  Our craving for fat overpowered our sense
of reason, ordinarily very sound and cautious.

I think this trait of craving fat has evolved into humans.  If this is
correct, it explains why so many weight losers fail: the dieter attempts a
diet too low in fat, which creates a persistent craving which eventually
overpowers all reason and the most iron clad willpower.  Eons of
evolution-selected instinct brutally crushes everything in its path, up to
and including the will to live.  

An alternative would be a relatively high fat but low calorie diet: go ahead
and eat your egg mcmuffin, but have only one.  Then go ahead and eat a
burger, but make it a small one, then stop!  That's it, enough calories for
that day.


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