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>.In the US, we don't really have a choice.  One of the early cryonics cases
as I recall had a disputed time of death issue.  Dora Kent:
http://www.alcor.org/Library/html/DoraKentCase.html    spike



Interesting article.  One odd thing just jumped out at me: Dr. Perry refers
to going to the mailbox and getting a letter from a friend.  That was in
December 1987, less than 25 years ago.  Right about that time, I was
transitioning to email as the primary form of written communications.
Within a few years we no longer got paper mail from friends, other that
Christmas cards, which I still send out in paper form.  Can you imagine the
latency we used to suffer, when you had to write out a letter by hand and
send it through the post office?  It is hard to see how you could even
communicate that way.



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