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As your friendly nanopotent ExI-chat moderator, I propose a temporary open
season on what looks like an exciting development, the use of bexarotene
against Alzheimer's.  We have tried this before, and it works pretty well:
for the next week, if you are posting on this topic, it doesn't count
against your normal daily posting guidelines of five posts a day.  Let's do
this for a week, shall we?


If one is a non-cryonicist, the best thing that can happen is to live a long
life and have a sudden heart attack.  No suffering, low cost to the family,
etc.  You are just gone.  Getting cancer is the worst thing.  


If on the other hand, one is a hardcore cryonics believer, a sudden heart
attack is a bad thing because you cool and perhaps suffer brain degradation
while the local yahoos figure out what to do.  Some form of cancer is
actually good perhaps, for one knows about how long one has to live and can
make arrangements for the Alcor team.  But for the cryonics hipster,
Alzheimer's is perhaps the worst thing that can happen, for the brain is
ruined by the time the family can call in the team.


If that is not bad enough, Alzheimer's is probably one of the most likely
ends for those who take good care of themselves.  Any promising Alzheimer's
therapy is exciting.






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