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This one test should be simple: find a bexarotene patient with Alzheimer's.
I look at the annual sales figures for Targretin which one source gave as
141 million, divide by 1200 a month and divide that by 12, and I get on the
order of ten thousands patients taking Targretin.  Skin cancer
disproportionately effects older people, so I figure if bexarotene does not
have any effect on Alzheimer's then probably several hundred Targretin
patients should have Alzheimers right now.  So now all you internet
hipsters, here is your assignment: find a Targretin-devouring patient with


Or rather offer a suggestion: how do we find these patients?


Would not a huge open volunteer database be useful here?


Could not we talk to memory care facilities and find out if they have
Targretin-eaters among their patients?



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