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> Ja well said.  Yesterday we made some calls, learned that it is generally OK
> for a GP to prescribe off-label at the doctor's discretion.  We have a
> message in to our family member's doctor asking if she is willing to
> prescribe bexarotene off-label, or do we need to go find a doctor who will.
> The next thing we need is to calculate or estimate the dosage.  For a first
> shot, I am trying to find out what dose they gave the mice, then scale it up
> linearly.  Would you estimate a mouse is about 50 to 60 grams?  So whatever
> the mice received, scale it up by a factor of about 1000?  
> The medications which contain bexarotene supply the information of the
> concentration of the active ingredient, so it will be an easy calculation.  
> Open to suggestion here.  The topic is temporarily open season, so your
> suggestion is free and welcome.

Does anybody have an institutional Science subscription that could send me a copy of this article?


The dosing information and administration route are probably in there.

Stuart LaForge

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