[ExI] Mouse to Human Dosage Conversion

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Sun Feb 12 16:53:23 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ExI] Mouse to Human Dosage Conversion

>...Since I know Spike and many people are curious how to translate doses
from mice to human, here is a FASEB article on the subject that is free to
>...http://www.fasebj.org/content/22/3/659.full.pdf+html     Stuart LaForge

Cool thanks Avant!  

Good chance we will hear back from the medics tomorrow, or very soon I hope.
They may have some kind of inside infrastructure in the profession to deal
with what must be hundreds of requests for off-label prescriptions.  You
know as soon as this made the headlines, everyone who knows an Alzheimer's
patient called and asked them if they saw it.  The medics will likely make a
heroic effort to maintain some kind of control over this wave. 

I can imagine the geriatric docs tomorrow morning with long lines of geezers
outside their offices.  Nearly everyone has a family member, friend or
acquaintance with this disease, with little hope, nothing to lose and an
eagerness to sign up for any test of any ray of hope.  This I will offer:
the current Alzheimer's medications aren't worth a damn, they are expensive,
have side effects to the point many of them may do more harm than good, and
don't seem to work; all of them together are not worth one single faint

It's a hell of a note for researchers: if they see something that offers any
hope, they are ethically obligated to report it, even if they have good
reason to doubt this medication will cross the blood brain barrier.  Who the
hell knows, perhaps the dopers will come to the rescue of the rest of us:
they figure out how to use this chemical or that solvent to carry the active
ingredient across the barrier.  If some damn junky comes up with the
solution to getting  bexarotene across the barrier to the amyloid plaques, I
will gladly stop making disparaging comments about junkies.


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