[ExI] good bexarotene article

Amara D. Angelica amara at kurzweilai.net
Wed Feb 15 22:23:24 UTC 2012

Spike said: "Perhaps I should have thought of it: there were researchers who
were giving a skin cancer medication to Alzheimer's mice.  Why were they
doing that?"

As noted by Paige E. Cramer et al., ApoE-Directed Therapeutics Rapidly Clear
β-Amyloid and Reverse Deficits in AD Mouse Models, Science, 2012 [DOI:

"We reasoned that an RXR [retinoid X receptors]agonist would enhance normal
Aβ [β-amyloid] clearance mechanisms by activating PPAR:RXR [peroxisome
proliferator activated receptor] and LXR:RXR [liver X receptors], inducing
apoE expression, facilitating Aβ clearance and promoting microglial
phagocytosis. Bexarotene
(TargretinTM) is a highly selective, blood brain barrierpermeant ...
FDA-approved, RXR agonist (11) with a favorable safety profile (12)." Dr.
Cramer's video: http://bit.ly/zj8xrw

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