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>>...Spike said: "Perhaps I should have thought of it: there were
researchers who were giving a skin cancer medication to Alzheimer's mice.
Why were they doing that?"

Amara Angelica found the comment:

>..."We reasoned that an RXR [retinoid X receptors]agonist would enhance
normal Aβ [β-amyloid] clearance mechanisms by activating PPAR:RXR
[peroxisome proliferator activated receptor] and LXR:RXR [liver X
receptors], inducing apoE expression, facilitating Aβ clearance and
promoting microglial phagocytosis...

I do like those words, "...we reasoned that..." and "...promoting microglial
phagocytosis..."  This might be BIG!

>... Bexarotene (TargretinTM) is a highly selective, blood brain
barrierpermeant ...

Oooooh baby now THERE'S some sexy words: Bexarotene is a highly selective
blood brain barrier permeant.  Keep telling me that, ooooh.

>...FDA-approved, RXR agonist (11) with a favorable safety profile (12)."
Cramer's video: http://bit.ly/zj8xrw   Amara


Thanks Amara!


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