[ExI] good bexarotene article

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Feb 15 23:56:58 UTC 2012

Hey cool, I found this on wiki:

Bexarotene is a solid, white powder. It is poorly soluble in water; the
solubility is estimated to be about 10-50 µM. It is soluble in DMSO at 65
mg/mL and in ethanol at 10 mg/mL with warming.[3]

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide.  You can get that stuff in reagent grade
cheaply, and it absorbs directly through the skin taking with it whatever is
dissolved in it.  A therapeutic dose for cancer patients is about 75 mg, so
it would take would be a little over a gram of DMSO.  Then again, it would
only take about 7.5 ml of alcohol, which is the amount of alcohol found in
about 8 ounces of beer, and that's that weak California 3.2, or four ounces
of normal beer.

So never mind Targretin.  What if we could find the company that makes
reagent grade Bexarotene and buy it not as a medication but as rather a
flavoring for beer?  Or rather as mouse food?  The patents apply to
Targretin, but not necessarily to bexarotene, which should solve one hell of
a lot of problems.   If we short circuit the Targretin route and have a
million amateur chemists dissolving reagent grade (but not pharma grade)
bexarotene in alcohol or DMSO, would not we go around the whole
profit-driven medical-government alliance?


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