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>> Ow, discouraging realization, it's been six days since the Scientific 

> American article came out.  Surely someone somewhere has done this 

> test by now.  If it worked in humans the way it does in mice, we would 

> likely have heard it by about Sunday afternoon... spike


>...Perhaps someone should give the news people a call, see what's keeping







Saturday's Wall Street Journal commented thus:


Targretin is generally used at the highest tolerated dose in cancer
patients, according to Keith Flaherty, a skin-cancer specialist at Harvard
Medical School. The dosage that might be needed to treat Alzheimer's is
unclear but is likely far lower, he said.




This is good news indeed.  Targretin is known to be a mild drug for side
effects, and having Dr. Flaherty comment that the AD dosage is likely to be
far lower is a good thing.


I am still looking for the online comments by people who have tried this.
Apparently Targretin is not easy to find.




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