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2012/2/19 Giovanni Santostasi <gsantostasi at gmail.com>


>.How can we make more appealing our ideas? We cannot change the world
without the numbers.


Think about this for a minute before you dismiss the notion: the way we
increase our numbers is by increasing our exposure, and the surest way to do
that is not to make our ideas more appealing, but rather to make them less
so.  We make the ideas threatening to a particular segment who already has a
following, such as some widely known and perhaps widely disliked religion,
then have them criticize transhumanism.  We increase numbers by becoming
controversial, not by becoming appealing.  The transhumanists out there who
have never heard of us will come, regardless of appeal.


Hollyweird discovered this a long time ago.  It was once believed that
negative publicity is better than no publicity.  Now,negative publicity is
better than positive publicity.




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