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>.Someone posted in the past couple of weeks wondering why humans didn't run
on their toes rather than the gait we see today. Well, New Scientist last
week had a tiny article in the news section,



>.Apparently more than two-thirds of people who grew up barefoot running run
on their tips rather than heel first. So, humans are capable of both but
depending on whether you run barefoot or use shoes makes a big difference in
which style you're likely to choose.



Tom, this misses something important.  In order for toe running to be
practical even for short distances requires a particular build that is
common in Kenyan runners (the subject of the New Scientist article) but very
rare in Americans.  Kenyan runners tend to be wiry sorts, but westerners in
general are much more heavy set.  The reason I know about this is that I am
a 3 sigma boney ass, as compared to normal westerners.  I can do barefoot
toe running if I have a forgiving surface like the rubberized tracks we see
today, but very few runners can do that style, even young guys.  


Toe running is harder on the feet, but easier on the knees.  My feet, ankles
and hips are in far better shape than my knees.  Those poor knees have
reeeeeaaallly taken a pounding from years of heel running.



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