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>> Remember Panbiogenesis, my whacky theory that once a long time ago the 
> entire universe was a warm and wet primoridal soup of life? Well check out this 
> recent news:
>>   http://www.physorg.com/news/2011-04-bacteria-extreme-gravity.html
>>   Apparently bacteria *thrive* under an acceleration of over a hundred 
> thousand g's.
> I don't see the link to panbiogenesis, the article merely mentions 
> panspermia, which is something entirely different. And even there the link is 
> tenuous: for panspermia to work, bacteria have to survive being launched by 
> meteor impacts and then freeze dryed for very long time - they do not have to 
> grow in high gravity environments.
Well at 400,000 g's acceleration, I was thinking more about supernovae shockwaves than meteor impacts. But I agree that the evidence is tenuous.
Stuart LaForge

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