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"I like to think that those who want to stay in organic bodies will be
free to do so, those who want to upload to robotic bodies will be free
to do so, and those who want to migrate to synthetic scapes will be
free to do so (the flesher, gleaners and polices scenario in Egan's
Diaspora). But history shows that there are always fundamentalist
zealots, persuaded that their way is The Way, who want to force others
to follow them, and therefore I am afraid things will not be so clean
and simple."


I think we have pretty much squelch disembodiment. I enjoyed reading Mike
Dougherty's post, which was refreshing. Max and I have been discussing
disembodiment for many months now, approaching it from different angles and
disembodiment is not logical. 

I was talking with artist Sonja Baumel today and the physical/corporeal body
and its relationship with time and space, and the molecules of bacterium and
their architectural formations.
http://imaginesciencefilms.com/2011/09/invisible/  It is quite different
from Stelarc's work that he calls embodied, but it seems be a Cartesian

Giulio, I agree with you that persons ought to do what they are comfortable
with and exist in whatever substrate they select. The idea of embodiment has
a multitude of possibilities, my Primo Posthuman prototype is just one. That
we can be a substrate-independent mind is a powerful notion the most
fascinating and exciting idea around because it is deeply connected to our
life expansion, and not a theoretical puzzle, such as many worlds and
simulation arguments (Derrida).



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