[ExI] First PhD to an AGI

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 09:39:36 UTC 2012

 Kryonica wrote:

>  Later than that because academics will fear the competition in a world
> in which the ONLY thing that distinguishes them from their cleverer AI
> competitors is a piece of paper with "Ph D" printed on it.  So how long
> will it take them to give in?  For computer scientists and mathematicians,
> perhaps not that long because their fear will be overcome by their
> admiration for their own brainchildren.  For people working in the
> humanities, much longer.  Say 2050 for computer science and 2070 for
> English or History.  And I think the first Ph D in Theology awarded an AI
> will only be so after a long fight with the Vatican and only once the pope
> himself is a cyborg.  Say 2250 or thereabout, judging from how long it took
> the Church to come to terms with the theory of evolution.

I agree with your timeline, for the same reasons that you list.  But I
think once the field is wide open for AI to earn any sort of
advanced degree, we will see AI's earning PhD's at the rate Boy Scouts earn
merit badges! lol  I could envision a decade old AI in the late 21st
century, literally having dozens or even hundreds of PhD's.  And so even if
they do not wipe out humanity, they may still patronize us with their
academic prowess.

This of course opens up the discussion as to whether AI could be
truly patronizing to humans...  ; )

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