[ExI] olympic opening ceremonies

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jul 28 03:46:16 UTC 2012

I just finished viewing the Olympic opening ceremonies, so I have a message
for the British among us, BillK and some others here, I think Max is
originally from England and others.  Brits, I am very proud of your country,
and I am very proud of you.  That show was excellent, so well done.  That
history of the industrial revolution theme was BRILLIANT!  It really defines
kewall.  In the theme of the value of competition, may these opening
ceremonies set the standard, and may they be the goal to match and exceed
for future Olympic hosts, and may future Olympic shows rise to the very high
standards set by England in 2012.


Brits, may evolution save the queen.  I hope your athletes win a pile of
medals, a tall, wide and deep pile of them.



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