[ExI] Stepping into a Pile of Crap (Maybe)

Henry Rivera hrivera at alumni.virginia.edu
Thu Mar 8 11:46:42 UTC 2012

Kelly, you may succeed in getting attention and money, but I'd suggest it won't be worth the negativity that will be directed at you if it get national attention. Also, you may not get as much attention as you think as there are already plenty of sites arguing that democrats are racist, republicans are racist, Obama is racist, etc. and none have got much national media attention. Firstly, your premise that the Obama support page is racist will be a difficult sell. I for one don't see it as racist. I won't bother searching, but I suspect you can find all sorts of groups supporting or opposing all the candidates. There's probably already some sites like whiteprideforrebublicans.org or christiansagainstobama.org and they aren't satirical. Categories of people collectively trying to gain support among others perceived to be in that category for their preferred candidate will always exist (even if the validity of those categories is questionable (race is a social construct)). Categories of minority groups doing this socially accepted in particular as it is seen as a way to compensate for the majority groups which have been doing this from the beginning via groups like the KKK. Secondly, your site won't be seen as satire despite your intent (Poe's Law). Instead you'll look like a racist. Do what you like. If you are looking for specific consequences, you could get hate mail, threats, DDOS attacks, and bad press for your other business ventures. Some people will get what you are up to, but I think it will be lost on most.

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