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I worry about the computers on board the self-driven cars, being able to
successfully navigate around the illogical and dangerous movements of human
controlled vehicles.  I want to see human driven cars largely be a thing of
the past, so tens of thousands of human lives can be saved in the United
States.  I'm so sick of the carnage going on, and constantly hearing how a
friend/acquaintance/relative lost a friend/acquaintance/relative in a
horrible car accident.  It seems like cancer, heart disease and car wrecks
are the killers of the people I care about.

I vaguely remember reading a wonderful sf short story from the seventies,
with a title something like "The Egg."  It tells the tale of a Tony
Stark-style character who after a near fatal car accident, builds an
egg-shaped car that holds the driver in a placenta-like chamber, so that
just about any collision can be survived.


2012/3/11 spike <spike66 at att.net>

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> This brings up a whole bunch of interesting questions.  I see the Google
> car puttering around, a couple times a month these days.  I have only seen
> the Stanford car once, but it might be that I just wasn’t up in that
> neighborhood often enough.  It looks to me like this would be a great
> development for those who like to drink or smoke weed.  Or who are old.  Or
> all the above.****
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> http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1073910_california-proposes-rules-for-autonomous-cars
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> spike****
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