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Wed Mar 14 12:14:39 UTC 2012

2012/3/14 Kryonica <kryonica at gmail.com>

> There are a lot of different goose and duck livers with a variety of
> textures and flavours, some not nice, others delicious, many just ordinary.
>  Artificial goose liver will be on my plate the day it is as tasty as the
> very best liver found today.  The same goes for fillet of beef. Ask anyone
> from Argentina.  Food should be good, not just nutritious.  "Good" here
> means prize-winningly Three Star Michelin-ishly yummy.

Yes, I agree with that. I do not know exactly what "better than best" may
mean, having never tried it, even though theoretically it should always be
possible (including in the sense of serving variance in personal tastes...)
but the artificial thing would *already* have an edge if it allowed us
simply to have the very best consistently.

Something which is very difficult even with top-of-the-line "natural"
products, given that we do not really control all the relevant factors
unless roughly.

Stefano Vaj
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