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2012/3/15 Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se>

>>.Yup. I have tried the cricket tacos at Cafe Oaxaca in San Francisco, and
they were very good. crunchy and enjoyable. 

>.I suspect however that most insects are not really edible unless processed
one way or another - which is strictly true for many other everyday foods,
for that matter.  -- Stefano Vaj



Ja.  For most moderns, if you gave us a basket of wheat and a sack of
potatoes, we would be near starvation before we figured out what to do with
them.  We haven't so much increased our knowledge as we have specialized.
We know how to drive cars, set up tax sheltered annuities, write fast
compact code, but we would have a damn hard time even surviving without a
steady electric supply in the wall.  Of course, the old knowledge isn't
exactly lost but rather merely externalized.  We don't need to know
everything: there is a good website out there somewhere that explains
exactly how to process a basket of wheat and a sack of potatoes.  But of
course we need a steady supply of power to use that, and a functional
internet.  I find it remarkable that in the past fifty years, humanity has
become dependent on electricity for survival, and in the past twenty years,
dependent on the internet for reasonable levels of functional adequacy, to
access the pool of accumulated knowledge.


Nearly all bugs are edible: our stomachs know what to do.  But to make them
palatable requires a great deal of skill, some of which is yet to be
discovered, skills which will eventually be distributed via the internet.



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