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2012/3/14 Stefano Vaj <stefano.vaj at gmail.com>:
>>... "Colour" should be easy enough, and if we can engineer the production 
> of entire, structured body organs for, say, transplant, foie gras 
> should not be much more difficult than a human liver... :-)

>...Makes you wonder if someday there won't be quite the same prohibition
against cannibalism as there is today. Would you eat factory produced meat
based on human DNA? Of all the human societal prohibitions, that against
cannibalism is one of the most universal. Brave new world indeed.  -Kelly

I don't see why that would be prohibited so long as no humans were slain.
If a vampire club drinks each other's blood there is no crime committed, nor
is there if some young mother wants to donate a placenta to be devoured by
someone who has some notion that it is a good idea.  No law is broken there,
as far as I know.  The real message here is I would oppose ANY law that was
made because we think of some notion is gross or offensive but not actually
harmful.  Reasoning: I don't want some sensitive type deciding that cryonics
is too gross and we should be doing it because it offends their delicate
sensibility.  So, devouring lab grown human flesh is OK with me.


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